Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) recently collaborated with Florida’s leading material handling and inventory control systems provider, Inovaxe, to develop an integrated solution that delivers ultra-lean material storage, handling and production capabilities.

Sources suggest that the complementary combination would help manufacturers improve productivity, maximize yield, reduce labor and inventory costs, minimize unplanned downtime and optimize floor space, ultimately increasing revenues, quality, and customer satisfaction. The partnership would also eliminate usage of additional finances and resources, thereby driving out cost and inefficiencies that can be redirected to growing the business, cite sources.

For the record, Inovaxe’s product line provides single location, single package storage carts and bins that drastically optimize storage space while ensuring selection of right part at the right time.

With this collaboration users can add the functionality of Aegis’ MES and QMS (Quality Management System) platform, FactoryLogix, which manages the complete manufacturing production lifecycle from product launch to material logistics, to ensure production is in line with demands.

Jason Spera, Chief Executive of Aegis Software said that FactoryLogix’s unique ability to provide complete material awareness, at the lowest level of component, including location, real-time consumption, and machine utilization, enables manufacturers to drastically maximize inventory utilization and reduce cost. By partnering with Inovaxe, the company will provide a complementary offering that further assures effective communication of real-time information across supply chains to drive down inventory costs and increase production throughput, Spera added.

Ben Khoshnood, President of Inovaxe was quoted saying that the integration between Inovaxe and FactoryLogix would eliminate the traditional challenges of excessive inventory stores such as lack of material awareness, quality errors, increased labor costs and inefficient inventory management. Leading manufacturers can now leverage this integrated solution to address persistent business challenges and transform their industries to smart factories that are lean, aligned and more connected with the overall supply chain, Khoshnood said.