RKW, headquartered in Frankenthal, Germany has reportedly introduced its eco-friendly packaging film based on FPO (filled polyolefin) in the North American markets. According to reports pertaining to the matter, the aluminum-free FPO mono-material packaging is suitable for wrapping dairy products, including butter, due to effective product protection properties.

Further from the reports, FPO packaging helps to protect sensitive products from the effects of oxygen, light and water vapor. A higher mineral filler content within the film requires less polyolefin to be used in making them, as compared to conventional packaging alternatives. Brands will also be able to use RKW’s material for bags, pouches and form-fill-and-seal solutions as it has a weldable inner layer.

Stephen Ellis, the vice president for industrial operations at RKW, in a statement pointed out that most brands are seeking eco-friendly FPO options to package dairy products and other similar food items such as margarine. The company designed FPO to show resistance against water, light and fats, having a good dead fold, which in combination with superior puncture and tear resistance will help brands to deliver their products to customers in pristine condition, Ellis added.

The company reported an observed rise in the consumption of high-quality dairy products. Referring to USDA data, the annual consumption per capita of butter in the U.S. has gone up by one pound over the last ten years, reaching 5.7 pounds in 2016.

Speaking on the issue, Ellis further mentioned that the premium segment is growing faster than the rest of the market. The excellent paper-like feel and printability of FPO are benefits that could assist brands in communicating their premium claim to consumers, allowing the product to stand out at the POS, he said.

RKW has declared that dairy producers will be able to switch to FPO film without having to replace their packaging machinery. The company has assured that all substances in the material’s formulation comply with the FDA Code of Federal Regulation and FPO is manufactured using raw materials compliant with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.